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August Eye Security Services is committed to holistic security operations to ensure effective protection of lives and property in line with the international standard and corporate security goal in Nigeria as it affect the deployment of trained uniformed security guards in your premises.The guards will be paid according to the NSCDC approved Standard, whereby 70% goes to the security guards and 30% to August eye Security Services Ltd

The client also has a say in this distribution..

The 30% is charge for the following:

1) Vetting and background check of guards and guarantors

2) Training

3) Recruitment

4) Monitoring and patrol

5) Equipments and logistics

6) Guards uniforms and kitting

There will be a security assessment by our team of experts at the location to determine the number of security guards to be deployed, the cost per guard will depend on the location and its vulnerability to security threats.


The guards will operate a 12hours shift while on duty and handover to the incoming guard who will then take over for the next 12 hours or otherwise stipulated by the client. There will be a reliever among the guards, so as to enable the rest guards observe their off days. The guards will exhibit a high level of professional competence and integrity in the discharge of their duties.


In performing patrol duties, it is essential that all critical areas are checked. The primary purpose is to report all deficiencies in security barriers/mechanisms, building maintenance operations and safety or fire hazards observed while patrolling the premises.


Routine duties include the following actions:

  • Patrol of outside of buildings and premises boundaries.
  • Control the entrance and movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Prevent theft and damage to property.
  • Report all matters of security interest, especially those related to theft and pilferage; fire, sabotage and violations of rules and regulations.

    For effective coverage and check-up, we provide communication Coverage Services at all our beats. This service works as the normal G.S.M. but requires no charges until after a period of one month.

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