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Kindly allow us redirect your mind to the incessant cases of Terrorist activities, kidnappings, Assassinations, Armed Robbery, Ritual killings, Cultism and divert forms of Criminality that has pervaded the serene cohabitation of Nigerians. Therefore it is imperative that a packed security program delivered professionally is organized to expose your personnel to contemporary security challenges and how to frustrate these occurrences.

AUGUST EYE Security employs a group of experts who have worked at high levels of Security and Operational management. Whether in Military Teams and Policing which have included Training of Iraqis at the Baghdad Police Training Academy, Training of U.S. Army Military Police Convoy Teams in Sadr City, Search and Cordon teams in Afghanistan, Terrorism/Anti – Terrorism Training, Special Weapons Assault Tactical Team (SWATT) and Small Arms Readiness/Mobilization Training (SARMIC), with related experiences in the Nigerian Army, Private and Corporate security environments.

Whether it is offering Security Training needs for Low, Middle, Upper Management and Executives, Planning and Operational Management, Total Project Management, or Personnel and Assets Protection in hostile or friendly territory, we have the expertise to work with our clients to create an atmosphere of total safety and professionalism.


We parade seasoned professionals drawn from an array of `HARD CORE‘ veterans, with international exposure and experience in Nigeria and other global troubled spots with similar trends, who are presently playing active roles in the private and government security institutions in resolving, mitigating and mediating in conflict infested regions of the country as a local concern, with a passion for National peace!


1. Terrorism and Survival skills in a Terrorists situation.

2. Personal Security: Awareness, Protection of Personal Information, Family Protection and Curbing Domestic Employee Dishonesty.

3. Kidnapping Prevention Skill: Ransom Negotiation skills, Hostage Survival skills and the Nigerian scenario.

4. Identifying and Managing Attitudes that could lead to Criminality – What is Criminality Attitude, Insider Fraud, Surveillance of staff, Key man Syndrome.

5. Drug Abuse / Control in work places.

6. Education on Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’S).

7. Relationship With And Knowledge Of Public Security Agencies (Army, Police, Customs, LASTMA, etc).

8. Emotional Intelligence And Time Management.

9. FIRE: Causes, Prevention, Emergency Evacuation Drill And The Proper Use Of Fire Extinguishers.

10. Armed Robbery Attack and survival skills in a ‘hold up’ situation.

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